History / Commitments

Established in 1993, Kingsfield Engineering Limited (Kingsfield) is now one of the leading CAD Drafting Services Providers in the Asian regions. We also started 3D modeling (BIM: Building Information Modeling) services since 2010 .

We can provide a full range of drafting and 3D modeling expertise with the latest in CAD and BIM technology in order to offer cost-effective and efficient service for project in any size.

Kingsfield has experienced prominent and enviable growth in the past years because we always aim at satisfying our clients with the following commitments:

Flexible Arrangement

Kingsfield aims to provide you with flexible manpower to fit your needs. Our resources can be allocated according to client's needs, either work on site or do the job at our office. Utilizing Kingsfield’s flexible manpower allows you to delegate fluctuating workloads while maintaining a core technical team dedicated to your needs.

Quality Service

Kingsfield assures the highest degree of quality and accuracy to each project. In the early stage of the project, our experienced engineer, CAD draftsperson or BIM modeler will suggest and always comply with the drawing standards and meet requirements by the clients which will be the key to a successful project. Implementing strict Quality Control enables Kingsfield to keep on providing high standard services to clients.

On Time Delivery

In any project, meeting the deadlines is the basic requirement to fulfill. Before starting each project, we will make sure that each of our staff involved is making a personal commitment to meet the delivery deadline of the clients. We will get it done on time, and every time.