>1,000 Projects Completed    >250,000 CAD Drawings Drafted

Extensive CAD Projects Reference and Decades Experience

Deeply Rooted in Hong Kong with over 20 years of CAD drafting services provided to local and overseas construction projects in Asia, Kingsfield has what it takes to be the major player in the region in terms of manpower resources, expertises in E&M drawings requirement and on time project delivery.  

Our Job reference comprises Railway Stations and Depot, Hospital Renovations, Airport Facilities, ASD & Government Buildings, Infrastructure, Public Ultities, Public Housing, Complex Commercial Buildings, Large Residential Development, Hotels & Casinos (in Macau).

Our CSD drawings are 100% complying with
Client's CAD Standards
Our engineers can help co-ordinate all services 
to produce CSD drawings
CSD Drawing Illustration:

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